Grappa Vernatsch matured in small oak barrels

Grappa Vernatsch matured in small oak barrels

350 ml

40% VOL

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Christine dedicates a portion of her Grappa Vernatsch to age for 12 months within a compact French oak barrel. This special barrel, handcrafted meticulously by Bozner’s barrel maker, Mittelberger, is tailored exclusively for the Gutshof Isser Estate. The resulting grappa gleams with an enticing bright amber yellow in the glass. On the nose, sophisticated notes of berries and cherries intermingle seamlessly with subtle barrel-driven hints of dark chocolate and coffee beans. Upon tasting, the grappa unveils a delicate and juicy profile, its rich, smooth essence persisting into an impressively long finish. This grappa appears tailor-made for rounding off an evening with the warmth of a crackling fireplace.

We recommend the oak-aged Grappa Vernatsch as a special digestif