South Tyrolean Pinot Blanc DOC

South Tyrolean Pinot Blanc DOC € 14

750 ml

14% VOL

Vintage: 2022

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With its fruity finesse, our Pinot Blanc never fails to captivate, and its versatility makes it a true pleasure to enjoy. Grown in a young vineyard near the Gutshof Isser Estate, situated at 640 meters, the vines benefit from ample sunshine during the day and cool nighttime temperatures. These conditions impart a unique array of aromas to our Pinot Blanc. Fresh and elegant, it serves as a symbol of our home, the Gutshof Isser Estate.

The Pinot Blanc exudes a fruity and fresh aroma of apples, pears, mandarin peels, and peaches. On the palate, it reveals a pleasantly invigorating acidity. The characteristic minerality of the vineyard grants an expressive drinking experience. Light, delicate, and enjoyable, with a lovely length. It’s perfectly acceptable to indulge in an extra glass or two!

It is a fantastic aperitif or pairs beautifully with delicate appetisers, seafood dishes, or white meat. We especially recommend our Pinot Blanc to accompany asparagus dishes.



Recycling information: ALU90; GL71