Meraner Hügel Vernatsch DOC

Meraner Hügel Vernatsch DOC € 13

750 ml

12,5% VOL

Vintage: 2022

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The local Schiava variety Vernatsch is a true South Tyrolean classic. It is the ideal starter for a holiday and an excellent companion throughout the day. The vines grow underneath the Lagundo Waalweg path on vineyard terraces in a weather-protected basin. Two hundred fifty-two steps lead you through the dry stone walls enclosing the vineyard, but it is worth the effort.

The Vernatsch embodies a pleasantly light and elegant drinking experience underlined by its characteristic ruby-red colour in the glass. The uncomplicated allrounder unfolds scents of sweet cherries, blackberries and red currants. The typical delicate almond note makes you ask for more with each sip. A smooth, lingering finish follows the fresh and juicy palate. Pure drinking fun!

We enjoy our Vernatsch slightly chilled, as it perfectly complements a typical South Tyrolean bacon snack as well as poultry and fish dishes.



Recycling information: ALU90; GL71