Apricot Brandy

Apricot Brandy

350 ml

40% VOL

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Christine gets the renowned “Vinschger Marille” (apricot from Venosta Valley) for her exquisite brandy from the fruit cooperative Silandro. The perfect ripening time is essential for a delicate fruit like the apricot. Timing is critical to achieving the utmost finesse in our apricot brandy. The delicate nature of the fruit demands careful attention to the perfect ripening stage. Despite the low yield, as it takes up to seven kilograms of harvested apricots to produce a 0.35-litre bottle, our patience is rewarded with a brandy that exudes unparalleled finesse. The apricot brandy strikes the senses with an intense apricot aroma, complemented by subtle notes of peach. A touch of citrus fruits and the delicate fragrance of jasmine blossoms enhance the brandy’s elegance. It delivers a fresh, full-bodied, and fruity experience on the palate.

We recommend enjoying our apricot brandy pure in a glass. It also goes excellently with apricot dumplings, apricot strudel, and chocolate desserts.